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Alan Wong

“What starts off as a humble cherry, ends up as a beverage that is as complex, if not more so than the likes of wines and whiskeys”

"I used to do accounting but after about a decade of crunching numbers, it got to be rather… boring. Funny enough, this was why I started drinking coffee – to stay awake at work. Like most in Hong Kong, it started off with the milky coffee at cha chan tengs like Tsui Wah and then moved on to Starbucks. It wasn’t until 5 or 6 years ago that I became more curious about this beverage that I was drinking everyday and that started me down the rabbit hole of specialty coffee. The more I researched, the deeper I got and the more hooked I became. Next thing you know, I’m taking courses and working at a coffee shop on weekends to get some practical experience. That’s actually where I first met Lok (the other founder of Craft Coffee) who was also working at the shop at the time.

When it comes to first experiences with high quality coffee, I don’t think you can ever forget the moment. For me, it was like having minute steaks all your life, thinking that’s what a steak was, until you finally have a proper cut at Mortons. Right away, you realize you’ve been missing out on something special and coffee is something that’s truly amazing. It starts off as a humble cherry and ends up as a beverage that is as complex, if not more so than the likes of wines and whiskeys. Each step of the way, coffee touches the hands of many craftsmen, from green bean, to planting, harvesting, processing, roasting and finally brewing. Every stage is a craft in itself, hence the name Craft Coffee Roasters."

Where did you grow up?
I was born and raised in Hong Kong, moved to Vancouver for high school and then back to Hong Kong for university.

What is your favorite area in Hong Kong?
Is it cliché for me to say The Peak? When it isn’t busy on a clear day, the view is breath taking with the harbor, the peninsula and the city below you.

If you could be doing anything else, what would it be?
Journalism so I could travel the world and share my stories with others.

Which region’s coffee is your favorite?
It used to be Yirgacheffes but some amazing crops have come out from Costa Rica lately. They’ve been really complex, with little to no defects and incredibly sweet. So these two coffees featured are our all time favorites!

What roasting profiles have you chosen for these two coffees?
We’ve roasted both to a relatively light degree, with a short development and total roast time, in order to retain most of their enzymatic characters and highlight their floral attributes.

How do you get your caffeine fix?
If I’m at the shop I’ll pull an espresso but if I’m home, I’ll do a pourover with my v60.

What is your v60 brew recipe?
1g of coffee to 15ml of water ratio, water temperature at 93°C, and a target brew time of 2:30-3:00.

About the coffee

Costa Rica Tarrazu
Santa Teresa in Costa Rica has been producing amazing coffees for years and this one, grown at a high altitude of 2,000m in our beloved Tarrazu region, really shines and delights. The coffee was processed using the white honey method, meaning most of the mucilage was washed off before the beans were dried, resulting in an incredibly sweet cup while still retaining the signature clarity of washed coffees. Its floral notes, dried fruit sweetness, subtle acidity, and nutty finish make this a balanced and smooth coffee that you can enjoy any time of the day

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Worka
Yirgacheffe has been one of our favorite origins. We are really excited about this 2016 new crop which was harvested in a single farm - Alamayheu Mekuria. This is a fully washed coffee that exhibits an outstanding flavor profile, attributable to the high growing altitude of around 2,000m and the farm's meticulous control over cherry picking. You will find incredible floral aromas, vibrant fruitiness, and a refreshing brightness in a complex yet clean cup.