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Drip Pack Starter Set


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The perfect pairing of our drip coffee packs and the mini pourover kettle. The pourover kettle holds the exact amount of water needed for each drip coffee pack so that you have a precisely consistent cup each and every time. Just boil water, fill the kettle and pour in the filter drip pack. Each set comes with:

10 x Drip Coffee Bags
1 x Rose Gold Mini-Kettle

Common Grounds - Indonesia Bali Kintamani
Notes: Banana, Mango, Palm Sugar

Knockbox - Ethiopia Guji Jidesa
Notes: ​Bergamot, jasmine, mango, mandarin, honey

Knockbox - Kenya Rukira
Notes: ​Cherry, red currant, prune, cane sugar, black tea

Papa Palheta - Guatemala Finca Isnul
Notes: ​Strawberries, Plums, Almonds

Papa Palheta - Ethiopia Suke Quto
Notes: ​Peach, Earl Grey Tea, Citrus Finish