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The Coffee Shop / Cupping Room - Colombia Rodrigo Sanchez (Purple Caturra)

Cupping Room - Colombia Rodrigo Sanchez (Purple Caturra)



Product Description

200g whole bean

Origin: Colombia
Region: San Adolfo
Farm: Rodrigo Sanchez
Variety: Purple Caturra
Altitude: 1710masl
Proc. Method: Washed
Cupping notes: Black plum, panela, cocoa

The purple caturra is actually a genetic mutation from the more common red caturra. But purple doesn't just refer to the color of the fruit when ripe (deep purple) it also refers to the color of the new leaves. After discovering the mutation on his farm El Progresso, Rodrigo planted an entire lot full of the mutation on his other farm Monte Blanco. What makes this coffee even more special is how Rodgrigo processed it: using very cold water to ferment the fruit off the seeds. The colder water slows the fermentation time which if done right leads to a fruiter cup while avoiding the less desirable fruit notes that come from over-fermentation.