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Product Description

200g Whole Beans

Region: Cauca
Farm: Finca Santuario
Variety: Red Bourbon
Altitude: 2050masl
Proc. Method: Washed
Cupping notes: Juicy, tangerine, peach, red apple, honey, smooth clean floral finish

Camilo Merizalde bought Santuario in the beginning of 1997 just to produce top shelf, quality coffees. In the beginning, he only planted bourbon and typical varietals for production. With high attention to detail, he designed and planned the whole layout of the farm, creating irrigation systems to create optimal growing conditions. Today, Camilo is constantly experimenting with new methods and currently grows more than 26 different varietals. He even grows some of these trees inside a green house in Finca Santuario. This was the same coffee Matt Perger used in the 2013 WBC where he placed second.