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Product Description

200g Whole Beans

Region: Guji
Farm: Hambela Estate
Variety: Heirloom
Altitude: 1900-2200masl
Proc. Method: Natural
Tasting notes: Lavender, tropical fruit, blueberry

Hambela is a farm located in the fertile Oromia regional state in Guji Zone, between the two districts of Gedeb and Hambela, seventy-five kilometers above Yirgacheffe. It is made up of 200 hectares and includes a washing station, dry mill, drying beds, a large warehouse and guest bungalows. The “Hambela” farm and its operations are certified Organic. Ethiopian coffee culture runs deep even in the rural farmlands, and it’s entirely common to see a day’s harvest from a small private coffee garden drying in the cherry on a porch or patio. Hambela’s large scale and access to resources and land has enabled them to dry their natural dry coffee cherries on raised beds, improving consistency and quality.