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Nylon Coffee - El Salvador Santa Petrona



Product Description

200g whole bean

Origin: El Salvador
Region: Santa Ana
Farm: The Pacas Diaz Family
Variety: Pacas Viejo
Altitude: 1450 masl
Proc. Method: Fully washed
Cupping notes: ​Orange, golden raisins, milk chocolate

Dating back to 1917, Mama Tona bought 47 hectares of land on the slopes of the Ilamatepeque Volcano in the western part of El Salvador. Supported by her son, Santiago Diaz Palacios, they were determined to transform this property into a coffee farm. In 1950, Señora Petrona Diaz inherited the farm and together with Señor Alfredo Pacas Trujillo, who also came from a coffee family, started working in the farm with the same traditional practices and principles. More than 90 years and six generations of coffee growers later, the Pacas family continue to work the land of Finca Santa Petrona.