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The Coffee Shop / Artisan Roastery - Ethiopia Kochere Debo Drip Packs

Artisan Roastery - Ethiopia Kochere Debo Drip Packs

$160.00 - $300.00

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The drip coffee packs are the easiest way to get your cup of delicious coffee while on the go or at the office. Simply open the package, hand the filter onto your favorite cup, and add 200ml of water just off boil! Each pack comes with 12g of coffee and each box includes 10 packs.

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Kochere Debo
Farm: Masreshu Sima
Variety: Heirloom
Altitude: 2,000 masl
Proc. Method: Fully washed
Cupping notes: Rose, nectarine, palmer manger

Kochere Debo is from the sub-region or zone of Kochere in Yirgacheffe, which is between the small towns of Fishegenet and Chelelektu (which is 6km north of the farm). The Debo is yet another sub-region of Kochere. This coffee is hand picked and fully washed, submerged underwater for 36-48 hours (depending on weather conditions / temperatures) then sorted and dried on raised African beds for up to 2 weeks. The coffee is grown at around 2,000 metres above sea level and is nearly as high as you can go without frost damage and low temperatures affecting the coffee plant.