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Blooom - Ethiopia Qore Magarrisa



Product Description

200g whole bean

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Kochere
Farm: Qore Magarrisa
Variety: Heirloom
Altitude: 2100masl
Proc. Method: Honey
Cupping notes: ​Dried apricot, rose syrup, candied peach

Qore is located in very high altitudes in Yirgacheffe. They invest in quality having a specific team that works only with the specialty they produce at the site.

This coffee is from a Privately owned communal wet mill in Kochere, called Qore, after the kabele where it is located, collecting cherries from various smallholders. The washing station is owned by Israel Degfa. Qore means "sharp", as in sharp as a knife or sharp spikes on plants.