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Common Ground - Indonesia Sumatra Kerinci Drip Packs

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The drip coffee packs are the easiest way to get your cup of delicious coffee while on the go or at the office. Simply open the package, hand the filter onto your favorite cup, and add 200ml of water just off boil! Each pack comes with 12g of coffee and each box includes 10 packs.

Origin: Indonesia
Region: Sumatra
Farm: Kerinci Keniya
Variety: Sigararutang, Lini S, Andungsari
Altitude: 1350 masl
Proc. Method: Fully Washed, Dry Fermentation
Cupping notes: Star fruit, graphfruit, honey

The Kerinci Valley is surrounded by the Mount Kerinci volcano of the Kerinci Highlands, and the largest National Park in Sumatra, the Kerinci Seblat National Park. This park is an area of 5,235 square miles of rainforest, volcanoes, mountains, wetlands and rivers; of which provide substantial benefits to agriculture that is highly relied on for income by the community. 7 million people and 10 million hectares of agriculture land rely on water that is sourced in the forested mountains. This area is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, with more tigers that in all of Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and China combined.

The conservation group directed by the local conservationists who started with a small group of farmers several years ago who at the time produced 20 bags and had to travel up to 3 hours to access a hulling machine, and processing their cherries in large plastic tubs. A relationship with Santiang Exports has allowed the group of farmers in the Kerinci Valley to improve their production from 20 bags to container volumes, as well as quality, by purchasing their own hulling machine, adding ceramic fermentation tanks, larger patios, more raised beds, drying canopies and an Oliver gravity sorting table. Today, the number of farmers involved in the group has grown to over 600 smallholder farmers.